DISC profiling is a powerful workplace behaviour model. It can be used very successfully as an additional recruitment tool to ensure you are hiring someone with the natural disposition to do the job well, and also as a powerful team-building tool.

When teams understand each other’s profiles they are able to work more cohesively, therefore enabling more collaboration and productivity due to a greater understanding of the people involved.

DISC (dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance) training involves assessing an individual’s personality and behavioural traits aimed at building stronger, more fulfilling relationships. In an organisational sense, DISC training and assessments are designed to improve interpersonal communications, connect with co-workers more effectively and understand what you need to maximise your potential.

For more information on our DISC profiling systems workshops, including costs, read our brochure, or read more from our DISC profiling systems partner Corporate Plus.

Leadership At Work also provides access to a DISC accreditation course. Attendance at this course qualifies participants to become DISC accredited and also enable participants to purchase the DISC system if desired.

Our most recent accreditation course was conducted in April, but you can contact us to find out when the next course is.

Courses are conducted by Robert Re.

Investment/cost: $1500 per participant & $1000 for additional participants.