In case you missed it, two recent studies have again put leadership in Australian organisations in the spotlight.

Both the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) survey, and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) survey, have highlighted the skills gap in the crucial area of leadership and have rated our leadership as average at best and even less than average, in key areas of people development. That’s the issue – but what do we do about it?

We do know that an improvement in leadership skills is a proven way of improving the effectiveness and productivity of our organisations.

With over 30 years’ experience in leadership development, Leadership At Work has been able to develop a highly effective CEO and executive level program. This program is guaranteed to immediately improve the leadership skills of your executive team and ultimately the productivity of your organisation.

Title: Leadership At The Top
Duration: Two days
Designed for: CEO and executive team

Key Features
Conducted in-house and specifically incorporating your organisation’s corporate direction and strategies.

Content Areas

  • The four conditions created by leaders
  • Essential differences between leadership and management
  • Why organisations are often over-managed and under-led
  • The proven link between leadership and productivity, quality and morale
  • Studies of the best organisations in Australia (and overseas)
  • Measuring leadership performance
  • Developing a leadership competency model for your organisation
  • Tying Leadership KPIs into the performance management system outcomes
  • A more cohesive and skilled top leadership team
  • A leadership competency model designed for your organisation by your leadership team
  • Ongoing improvements in productivity, quality and morale

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Workshop details

Whilst most senior managers have participated individually in a number of leadership and management programs, courses, degrees etc, few may have had the opportunity to improve skills in a team environment.

Peter Senge, in his book The Fifth Discipline – The Art and Practice of the Learning Organisation, called it simply “team learning”. Team learning allows the group to attain insights which are not attainable individually.


  • The role of a senior executive pre-work
  • First XI – Assessing our organisation against the nine principles of Australia’s ‘best’
  • The five dysfunctions of a team

Two-day workshop outline

  • Organisational roles – three main elements. Assessing the current role of leader, manager and operator. Determining the optimal roles in the future
  • Assessing management styles and management effectiveness
  • The First XI – winning organisations in Australia
  • Silos, politics and turf wars –internal customers and stakeholder analysis
  • The five functions of effective teamwork
  • Application of team learning into the workplace
  • Workshop evaluation


Tailored proposal for each client.

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