Leading & Managing Teams – 2019 Public courses

January 25, 2018


Professional development series for emerging and current leaders and managers

Leadership and management are two very different (complementary) skillsets that are crucial for people in supervisory and leadership roles to possess if they are to safely guide their teams to the expected destination.


The Leadership At Work team are excited to offer newly appointed and experienced Managers the opportunity to establish (and reaffirm) these skills within a series of single day professional development sessions.


Each session incorporates key learnings from the Leadership At Work course including a blend of theory and practical course-work that is the trademark style of our course delivery.




Day 1 – Understanding Leadership & Management

The role of the team leader and manager

Leadership and management styles

Giving and receiving feedback


Day 2 – Creating & Communicating Performance Standards

Role Clarity

Performance Counselling

Effective Communication

Time Management


Day 3 – Understanding & Managing Staff Behaviour

Using DISC to understanding behaviour

Using Behavioural profiles in Recruitment

Using DISC in the Performance Management process


Day 4 – Conflict Resolution

Nature and causes of conflict

Conflict resolution Styles

The dialogue approach

Ten steps in conflict resolution


Day 5 – Effective Team Meetings

Understanding & Creating Purpose

Planning and creating objectives

Roles and responsibilities of the Leader





2019 Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Ballarat 7th March
21st March
4th April
18th April
2nd May
Geelong 28th March 11th April 2nd May 16th May 30th May




Complete set of five days                   –           $2475 (incl. GST) payable on registration