Leadership in Life

September 17, 2019

Be Your Own Best In Order To Do Your Best  Margaret Mead

During more than 30 years in Leadership, Management and Organisational Development I kept noticing the same theme repeating itself.  Regardless of the industry, size of the organisation, profit or not for profit and other variables at play THE crucial factor which relates to organisation success was, and is, the character and behaviour of the Leadership Group, and, in particular, the CEO.

Not surprising you may think, but in all those 30 or so odd years and the literally many hundreds of leaders I have encountered very few truly exhibited what I would call great leadership behaviours.

Those behaviours are well known (and research continues to back this up!)

They include of course,
Honesty and integrity
Long term strategic thinking
Empowerment of others
Humility, and
Being Values driven

I would have to confess at this stage that these behaviours, or perhaps attributes, can’t really be ‘trained’ into people.  They can be enhanced by a decent development program but the truth is that some people ‘get it’ and others don’t!

Daniel Goleman cites self awareness as the foundation competency of Emotional Intelligence and I agree with him!

Further competencies described by Goleman, and other luminaries are at the essence of those people who do really great things.

Those truly great things might be in the relationships people have, in the impact people have on their organisations and within their workplaces, or it may be the impact on the community, the environment or indeed the planet.

Whilst few of us might achieve greatness in our lives I believe we are all capable of having a positive impact and leaving a legacy that makes our lives worthwhile, meaningful and indeed purposeful.


We have been running a powerful two and a half day program called How to Explore Your Life’s Purpose (HELP).  The Program is based on a simple process which allows each participant, or each couple, to examine what is truly important to them, their values and to what purpose they would like to direct those values.

Leadership at life

Join a small group of like minded individuals who wish to become the best they can be in order to do their best to improve their world

Stay with us at the beautiful Forest Resort and explore the possibilities already existing within you.

Return home after two and a half days with an enhanced perspective on life and a personalised plan to make a real difference to your world.

Explore what you need to change in yourself in order to discover what you want to change in your world

The program includes:
Two and a half day workshop
Two nights accommodation and meals
A DISC Behavioural Profile
An assessment of your Emotional and Higher Intelligences

Maximum of 8 participants per session.

Individual and private sessions also available.

Download PDF Schedule 


Friday: PM

  • Meet and greet
  • Outline program
  • Learners vs. non learners

Saturday: AM

  • Personal Values
  • Desires / Purpose / What do I want to change about me?

Saturday: PM

  • Uncover what I want to change in my world
  • Johari Window
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Transforming Behaviours
  • Individual DISC Behavioural Profile
  • Feedback

Sunday: AM

  • Object of my change – personal, career, family, community, the world??
  • Team Learning
  • Developing a Plan

Sunday: PM

  • Sharing Plans
  • Making Commitments
  • Follow Up