Qualities of Leadership

February 14, 2020
“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”
-John Quincy AdamsThe Leadership at Work team agrees passionately!


At Leadership at Work we have conducted around two hundred workshops over 30 years for more than two thousand managers and team leaders. From first line leaders to executive level, the cream of the crop has two things in common:

Their competencies as a person


What they do as leaders

Leadership Competencies

The best leaders in our experience display the following (amongst many other competencies!):

  • They don’t believe they have all the answers and know everything, but are genuine learners with a growth mindset who love to continue learning
  • They are strongly values driven and are consistent in their decision making and their dialogue
  • Curiously enough, at the same time, they are also flexible in understanding each person and each situation they face is unique and requires different handling and managing
  • They have an earnest desire to develop their people to achieve their optimum selves.

What leaders do

The best leaders communicate the following:

A shared understanding of the current reality of their organisation and its operating environment

  • A shared vision of where the organisation is heading
  • A shared set of values and organisation’s purpose
  • A shared feeling of power for individuals to make a meaningful contribution

There are of course many more things that leaders have to be and do but those outlined above are what we have observed that successful leaders have in common.


While there are many other variables that contribute to an organisation’s effectiveness, (Charles Handy identified at least 60!), we have also noted a strong correlation between the leadership competencies and actions outlined above and positive results for the organisation. Our organisation culture surveys, and 360-degree feedback surveys tell us such.

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Robert J Re