At Leadership At Work, our leadership, management and organisational development services are offered out of our two locations, Geelong and Ballarat. But, since associate Robert J. Re founded our business in 1987, we have delivered leadership, HR and management training, coaching and services across Australia, New Zealand and even South East Asia.

We provide services focused on leadership coaching and leadership development training and executive coaching.  At Leadership At Work, we also put a strong emphasis on human resources support with our HR consulting and training service.

An organisation’s or business’s success is often defined by the way it’s managed. Leadership At Work provides support and education services to assist with organisational development consulting and organisational development training. We also offer management development training which is designed to get the best out of leaders and position them to evolve and adapt with organisational change.

If you think your business or management could benefit from any of these leadership, management or organisational services, contact us today in Geelong or Ballarat.