At Leadership At Work, our goal is to make a real difference in your organisation and our Geelong and Ballarat organisational development consulting is framed around this mission. With a vision of positively shaping organisations and peoples’ work lives, we want to help you move from where you are now, to where you want and need to be as a high-achieving, engaging workforce.

Organisational improvement can be tackled in a variety of ways using a range of methods. Leadership At Work’s organisational development services include consultations on how to increase work performance, organisational recruitment system consultations and DISC personal and job profiling system consultations. We also offer organisational development training from our Ballarat and Geelong locations.

Organisational development is most effective when problems are solved and goals reached. Leadership At Work’s organisational development consultants work with clients on a comprehensive range of methods to ensure goals are achieved. Like with our HR consulting and training, we consult with Geelong and Ballarat clients on a variety of organisational development needs. These include recruitment and talent management – helping assess workforce structure, meeting design and facilitation – helping clients run effective and efficient meetings, group problem solving, and business process redesign – reassessing the way certain jobs are done.

Our Leadership At Work team has expertise in the following areas and will tailor an improvement program to lift your organisation’s performance: Stakeholders requirements; Mission; Performance management; Organisational structure; Role definitions; Goals or objectives setting; Role relationships; Work unit job design; Human values; Leadership and vision; Learning and development; Team development; Behavioural styles (DISC); Managerial styles; Interpersonal skills; Team facilitation and social skills; Culture surveys

Organisational change management

Creating and managing change can be the biggest challenge a leader can face. Leadership At Work delivers consultations on organisational change management and how to create cultural change in the workplace. Our consultants collaborate with managers and their workforce to help plan and implement major changes in organisations. Organisational change could involve a restructure of roles, jobs or teams, or could even be space changes such as new work surroundings or environments. Organisational change management is a set of strategies, skills and ideas to put in place to effectively apply change with minimal negative impact. Contact us at Leadership At Work if you or your organisation needs help managing workplace or professional change.