This five-day leadership and management program, delivered (typically) as 1 full day module per month, is offered publicly as well as being adopted in-house.

Today, more than ever, improving productivity and remaining competitive requires full support of all employees working as a team. Engaging employees in your business through shared vision and values, charges up productivity and is like moving from second gear into overdrive.

The critical link between a corporate strategy and the people that make it happen is the middle manager and the first-line team leader, who are often selected for their technical skills and expertise. However, many find that leading and managing people is a more difficult challenge. The good news is that these skills, like technical expertise, can be taught.

This nationally recognised program develops the ability to motivate, coach and counsel people in today’s changing environment. The program provides participants with practical skills and techniques, which they can then apply to current workplace situations.

Modules involve adult learning principles to ensure participants get the maximum benefit through a range of presentation and group participation techniques including; use of DVDs, role-playing, simulations, games, question and answer sessions. Participants have described these techniques as ‘practical, fun, and supportive’.

Download the Leading & Managing Teams 5-day experience here.

Looking at an in-house opportunity?

Leading & Managing Teams by Leadership At Work is ideal for organisations wishing to create higher levels of alignment and consistency of leadership and management across their business divisions.  A cohort consisting of Executive, through to team leader level will promote common language, knowledge and application of skills and techniques.  It will foster collaboration and empathy.  It will promote positive, effective culture.

In-house courses can be modified to meet specific needs.  Whilst some modules are considered core, we can introduce other modules to fit your needs.  These modules can be selected from a broad range of offerings, including, but not exclusively:

  • Leading and Managing Change
  • Building and fostering Culture
  • Aligning and building teams
  • Problem Solving and Decision-Making
  • Wellbeing and Resilience

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