As we have touched on when discussing our leadership development training, good leaders make good managers. Leadership At Work can deliver Ballarat and Geelong management development training providing the skills and strategies needed by managers of all levels to successfully lead their team. Whether you are new to a management position or a senior manager, our management development training can provide the tools and techniques to manage day-to-day operations. We can also help position you to plan for future growth and proactively manage organisational change.

Leadership At Work teaches exceptional management skills by developing and delivering courses tailored to address the common core challenges of an organisation, regardless of the industry. We work closely with an organisation’s senior management to address performance and workplace culture. Through our Ballarat and Geelong management development training, we are able to assist with identifying where there might be people problems within an organisation.

Managing workplace conflict can be one of the most crucial aspects of any leadership position. Whether the issues are personal or professional, they are likely to affect performance. Although you are not a counsellor, you need to know how to deal with conflict at an organisational level.  Our management development courses are focused on conflict management and time management. We aim to train leaders and executives to identify the source of conflict or issues affecting performance and efficiency. Once identified, we look at appropriate interventions around these issues or conflicts.

Effective management is the key to driving workplace and organisational performance. Leadership At Work can help you and your organisation create lasting and effective cultural change by providing inspiring, innovative and practical training programs for Geelong and Ballarat. Based on more than 30 years’ experience in designing, delivering and evaluating workplace change, we can make a difference to your organisation and the way you manage your team.