Leadership At Work provides the knowledge foundation for Managers and supervisors to apply in a practical way.  Without the foundation they are just another goof person trying to be a good manager, if they are lucky.

Leading and managing is a skill that needs practical application with the guiding hand of experience.  The Leadership at Work people provide both.

Clive Pugh, Managing Director, Winchester Australia


Our Operations Manager left with little notice and on poor terms.  The Leadership At Work team encouraged us to complete a comprehensive Job and Workplace Analysis before rushing into re-hiring and making the same expensive mistake.  

To our shock, we realised that we didn’t need an Op’s Manager; we needed a Technical Business Advisor.   Its changed the game (and reduced the salary commitments by $40k per annum).

We’ve now got the right person with the right skills and temperament.  The Leadership at Work team really know their stuff.

Chris Browne, Managing Director, Rising Tide Financial Services


Here at Leadership At Work, we love receiving feedback from our clients and providing it for prospective clients to read. We are currently compiling reviews for this page, so check back soon to see what our existing, previous and ongoing clients think of our leadership, management and organisational development services, training and workshops.