Problem Buster Overview

Problem Buster is a modular, step-wise program designed specifically for organisations to effectively identify, analyse and resolve problems impacting upon their performance, culture or financial viability.

This program should be run as a collaborative experience; that is, key stakeholders within the business should be engaged to work through the program as a collaborative team, following the program collectively, whilst focussing on and completing specific individual tasks related to the problem.

This program, from commencement to completion, will require a commitment of approximately 10-15 hours, excluding independent research and collation of data related to the problem.   It is anticipated that modules 1-4 would be done consecutively, followed by a period of individual research, then recommencement of the remaining 6 modules.

What you will learn

Participants will be guided through the 10-step process, including a briefing and a series of tasks, supported by tools, checklists and explanatory notes for each step.

Participants will develop competence in applying the steps to existing problems.


Program Introduction

Step 1: Agreeing and defining the problem

Step 2: Agreeing on the Goal

Step 3: Getting Facts about the Problem

Problem Solving Tools

Step 4 & 5: Looking for and picking the most likely Cause

Step 6: Checking the Most Likely Cause Against the Facts

Step 7: Thinking of Possible Ways to Solve the Problem

Step 8: Picking the Best Way to Solve the Problem

Step 9 : Checking the Best Way against the Goal

Step 10: Putting the Best Way into Action

Appendix 1: Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s 14 Points of Management

Appendix 2: Problem Solving T/F Quiz


Problems Busted!

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