If I have previous training in front-line management and leadership development, why should I consider the Leadership At Work program?

If you are consistently applying your leadership and managerial skills in the workplace, then practical leadership development skills are crucial. Previous participants in the Leadership At Work program have already attended various training and educational programs. However, a comment we consistently hear is that the Leadership At Work program is essentially practical, where participants can immediately implement tools and techniques to improve their leadership performance.

Who should attend the course?

Previous attendees of our Ballarat and Geelong leadership development programs have ranged from participants preparing for their first management positions, to more experienced senior managers. Both inexperienced and senior managers are also suitable attendees for our management development training. However regardless of experience, a common remark we hear is “I wish I had done this course years ago”.

The learning points from the Leadership At Work program are both fundamental and essential to effective leadership and management, regardless of the level the participant is working in the organisation.

What if I only want to attend one module?

The Leadership At Work program is designed in such a way that each module can stand alone and participants can, and do, choose the module, or modules, most suited to their needs.

If the Leadership At Work Program doesn’t include assignments or tests/examinations, how is the effectiveness or results measurable?

The emphasis at the Leadership At Work program is the immediate application of action plans into the workplace. Through feedback and 360-degree evaluation from peers, team members and managers, participants and their managers can assess their progress from before the program to after the program.

The positive results will be obvious in workforce morale, productivity and overall buy-in to your organisation’s direction, vision and mission.

Do you work with clients outside of Ballarat and Geelong?

Yes.  Whilst we are based in Ballarat and Geelong, we have a long history of working with clients across every State in Australia.  We have also completed work with clients in SE Asia and New Zealand.  We can create or adapt our program delivery to accommodate clients where we need to travel so as to keep expenses for them to a minimum.  We’re not afraid of long-distance relationships.