One of the keys to organisational development is assisting clients not just in meeting their goal, but delivering training to develop new problem-solving skills they can use in the future. This is where Leadership At Work’s Geelong and Ballarat organisational development training differs from our organisational development consulting. It’s one thing to consult with organisations on their developmental needs, but we offer courses aimed at training leaders to implement organisational development tactics in-house in the long term.

At Leadership At Work, we offer several organisational development training mechanisms including organisational recruitment systems, DISC personal and job profiling systems and OD4HR (organisational development for HR professionals).

DISC (dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance) training involves assessing an individual’s personality and behavioural traits aimed at building stronger, more fulfilling relationships. In an organisational sense, DISC training and assessments are designed to┬áimprove interpersonal communications, connection with co-workers and your understanding

of what you need to maximise your potential. Leadership At Work offers DISC profiling systems workshops as part of our Geelong and Ballarat organisational training courses, and you can read more about the workshops in our brochure.

We also provide customised organisational development training. Our consultants can work with a group from your organisation to develop or renew values, knowledge or skills that relate to a common outcome. With this customised training also comes team development, where we can help a team work more effectively together.

Leadership At Work’s Ballarat and Geelong organisational development training is suitable for small to medium businesses with a 20 to 200-strong workforce. The training is designed to develop people and help them become their best. It also intends to create or improve organisational culture, and develop a workforce that can identify where the ‘pain’ is or what is ‘hurting’ internally when performance expectations aren’t being met. Contact us today at either our Geelong or Ballarat locations to inquire about any of our comprehensive training courses.