When defining leadership, people can often confuse the term with good management. However, at Leadership At Work we believe leadership and good management are vastly different concepts. Ideally, good managers will be good leaders, and we frame our Geelong and Ballarat leadership development training around creating leaders.

Understanding the difference between leading and managing can considerably enhance your organisation on the basis that employees are more inclined to follow leaders, as opposed to managers. If you are in a sole leadership position at your organisation, we can also enhance your confidence and ability to lead and make tough decisions with our executive coaching program.

At Leadership At Work, in our Geelong and Ballarat leadership coaching we define leadership using four elements. These elements include having and sharing a vision, a plan for where we are going, and why we are going there. We incorporate these elements in our leadership training.

We believe every organisation must be about more than making a profit. There has to be some underlying reason for its existence that is greater than money. If it does not have this as a cornerstone, then it will not thrive and perhaps, even more importantly, survive in the long term. An organisation needs leaders to drive its non-financial mission, and ensure employees believe in what they are doing and sustain that belief.

The Australian Institute of Management has in the past identified leadership as a top skills gap in 45 per cent of organisations. A further survey from the University of Technology Sydney also highlighted a skills gap in the crucial area of leadership. The UTS survey also rated Australia’s organisational leadership as average at best, and even less than average in key areas of people development.

Leadership development and leadership training are proven methods of improving the effectiveness and productivity of our organisations. At Leadership At Work, we provide practical and action-orientated leadership training and leadership development courses in Ballarat and Geelong. Our courses can deliver productivity improvements, with the support of top management. Leadership development programs are the best known tactics to positively impact productivity. We offer leadership development training including Leadership At The Top, an executive level training program, and Leadership At Work, a mid-level management and emerging leaders program.