Leadership At Work’s executive coaching service can provide an independent voice of reason in any business leader’s decision-making process. Being a CEO or managing director can be a lonely place. Although you are surrounded by a ‘team’ and people to work with, you are often required to act as an independent leader when it comes to the big decisions. Our Geelong and Ballarat-based leadership coaching provides the ideal platform for a company or business leader to improve their independent decision making.

At Leadership At Work, we find CEOs and managing directors can have difficulty finding the right person to bounce ideas off or see if new ideas have merit. They feel a requirement to maintain their position of strength and leadership within the organisation. Our leadership executive coaching can provide external and independent advice to help a leader’s thought processes and decision-making skills. We develop relationships with clients based on their vision and values. Leadership At Work will help provide a platform where leaders can search for answers without fear of losing face or, rightly or wrongly, showing weakness.

Leadership At Work offers Geelong and Ballarat leadership development training and coaching to key employees in your organisation. We also provide management development training for those employees who are already in a leadership position but want to hone their skills and improve. Development of leaders and managers is crucial to any business or organisation, particularly when planning for the future. This tailored approach is as much about what participants want to get out of the process as it is the tools and techniques involved. Our corporate coaching has the proven success rate that a truly effective executive coaching process should have.

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