Organisational development process for all Australian corporations.

Practically all of us involved in organisational improvement programs have witnessed the lack of sustainable change, and the inexorable reversion to ‘the way things were’, despite the best efforts of both internal and external change agents.

This workshop explains why sustainable change is difficult but, more importantly, what can be done to really achieve organisational improvement.

Leadership At Work organisational development facilitator Robert Re has more than 30 years’ experience in organisational development and brings together two powerful forces for sustainable improvement.

Aspiring to Greatness, renowned organisational development practitioner Dennis Pratt’s great work which set the scene for organisational improvement in the last decade of the 20th century


The First XI – Winning Organisations in Australia, this book is a result of the recent Mt Eliza Business School three-year study of high performing organisations in Australia

Pre-reading and pre-work:

  • Aspiring to Greatness, Dennis Pratt
  • The First XI – Winning Organisations in Australia

Course content:

Setting corporate direction

  • Measuring organisational performance
  • Designing the ideal organisational structure
  • Defining accountability and responsibility for team, leadership and individual performance
  • High commitment workplaces
  • Nine principles of winning organisations in Australia
  • Practicing the techniques

Two day workshop includes all the tools and techniques to apply immediately into participant’s or their client’s workplaces.

Guaranteed to be more instructive and effective than many post graduate academic courses, which cost thousands of dollars more and take months or years to complete.

Dates for 2022 Public Courses:

7th & 8th April to be held in Ballarat – one course only – be sure you register or miss out!

Contact us at Leadership At Work for more information.