Employing new people can be daunting, perhaps even frightening…

June 2, 2017

Its a potentially expensive process and one that many of us have had trouble getting right.  Using all of our experience, intuition and due-diligence measures, we still go into staff appointments with limited knowledge of how the new appointee will behave, or more importantly, how they will behave relative to the requirements of the role they’re being appointed to.

There are of course generic or stereotypical behaviour sets that we require and expect of our appointee, e.g.:

Accountants – meticulous and conscientious;

Sales Executives – determined and dynamic;

Personal Carers – empathic and kind…

Whilst these stereotypes (as most stereotypes) give a ‘vibe’ for the behavioural requirements, they do not deliver a picture that takes into account individual organisational (team) culture, local market variables and other factors that significantly influence the true behavioural and operational requirements of the role you are filling.

Leadership At Work has been a very strong advocate for the DISC Behavioural Profiling Tool for over thirty years.  Its power is its ability to provide us with qualitative, valid data on an individual’s preferred working conditions and default (or likely) behaviours within these environments.  One limitation of personal DISC profiles is it cannot analyse an individual against a given set of environmental conditions, like the environment that they are set to be employed into, for example.

But wait, we have the solution…. and yes, it is DISC, just DISC as you’ve perhaps never seen it.

Introducing DISC Job Profiling

DISC Job Profiling helps us create an analysis of an individual’s DISC profile against a specific job profile that takes into account some of the variables discussed earlier (organisational culture, local environment etc).   Through a process of collaboration and facilitated debate, Employers and the key stakeholders in the recruitment process (Supervisor, HR Manager etc.) can complete a DISC Job Profile Questionnaire in a few hours and have the completed report by the end of the day (including an assessment of individual candidates against the Job Profile).

Its an exceptional tool.  Its one worth exploring.  Its fast and inexpensive.  Most importantly, it will give you insight into whether your preferred candidates will likely behave within the requirements of the role they are being considered for.

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