• Overwhelmed by ‘Busyness’?
  • Wanting to have more balance in work and personal life?
  • Looking for direction towards your life’s purpose?
  • Needing a format to create a plan to achieve the above?


The concept of self-leadership has gained traction in recent years as organisations recognise the practice of leadership begins at a personal level. Although there are now a variety of self-leadership models available, each tends to focus on different aspects of life.

While some focus on how to enhance your performance in the workplace, there is an increasing view that self-leadership can be beneficial at a more personal level – whether it’s finding your calling in life, handling major life transitions or accessing your intuition to guide the next phase of your life’s journey.


The two-day Leadership in Life program is designed to assist you in creating a future that provides a deeper level of meaning and purpose. It consists of 6 simple yet profound practices:

  • Clarifying the reality of your current situation;
  • Creating a vision for your future;                
  • Identifying what really drives you;
  • Knowing your strengths and capacities;
  • Taking action, after you’ve created a plan; and
  • Reviewing your progress and renewing the plan.

A key benefit of the program lies in bringing together a small group of like-minded individuals who enjoy exploring their life journey. The ultimate aim is to assist participants in reviewing and affirming the direction of their life compass for the coming 12-month period.

Dates for 2-day Public Courses in 2022:

10 & 11 February – Sold Out!

19 & 20 May

For more information how the program can support you in achieving your personal goals for the year ahead, click here to contact us for a discussion.

Testimonials from previous participants:

  • Thoroughly enjoyed
  • I have learnt a lot about myself and clearly know what is important to me
  • Time to stop, reflect and recalibrate
  • Well done – great reflection and refocus, and great to continue working on development with you
  • At last, I’ve been able to articulate and connect with what I value and what I could do. A real breakthrough. Thank you.
  • Congratulations to you both – you should be rightly proud of how you are changing people’s lives for the better!