Organisational development: Training vs. consulting

April 12, 2016

It is one thing to provide a consulting service, continually pointing businesses in the right direction when it comes to organisational development. But at Leadership At Work, we deliver effective organisational development training for Geelong and Ballarat, allowing managers and leaders to eventually implement tactics and methods in-house.

It might seem like we are ‘cutting off our nose to spite our face’ by pushing one of our services over another, but there are key differences between consulting and training – and there is definitely a time and place for both when it comes to organisational development.

Helping our clients reach goals through our consulting service is one of the keys to organisational development, but Leadership At Work’s organisational development training can help clients develop new problem-solving skills and gain tactics to implement organisational change in the future.

Our DISC training is a good example of how organisational development training can position business managers and leaders for the future. As part of our training courses we conduct DISC (dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance) workshops, designed to improve interpersonal communications, connection with co-workers, and help individuals understand what they need to maximise their potential. However, Leadership At Work also provides access to a DISC accreditation course, qualifying participants to become DISC accredited. This accreditation can then allow managers and leaders to conduct DISC profiling systems in-house.

DISC profiling systems is just one of several Geelong and Ballarat organisational development training mechanisms we offer. Leadership At Work can also provide organisational recruitment systems, and OD4HR, which is organisational development for HR professionals.

We also provide customised training where our consultants work with a group from your organisation. This aims to develop or renew values, knowledge or skills that relate to a common outcome. With this customised training also comes team development, where we can help a team work more effectively together.