Leadership Development – Converting knowledge to action

June 7, 2016

In early 2015, Leadership At Work Principal, Robert Re, made a visit to our Capital.  Superman cape in hand and a resolve to rescue our political ‘leaders’ from themselves, he ventured into the belly of the beast.

Over an afternoon Robert met with several of the Nation’s most recognised and experienced pollies; he explored their concept of leadership and offered the Leadership At Work model as a best-practice approach to a more sustainable, trusted Government.

Whilst Robert’s superhuman powers were fully asserted, they were equally matched by the kryptonic powers of his adversaries (Robert might describe them as the powers of incredulous stupidity…) and the net result was an experience draped in frustration and to some degree, resignation.

Here is one such gem as to demonstrate why we experience such profound frustration and obvious lack of leadership across our political spectrum…

Robert:   so tell me what you consider successful leadership to be…

Respondent:   when you get there.

Whilst there may have been a degree of ‘tongue-in-cheek’ to this response, it does paint a bleak picture of how leadership is viewed within the top ranks of our Federal parliamentarians:

Leadership is the destination.

Furthermore, the appointment (or election) to the position, is by default, a mandate to do as you please; the battle is already won (until the next race commences, then its game on again).

The title of Leader should never be the destination, rather the vessel used to effectively create a “better” future.  Moreover, the title of Leader does not by any means guarantee that “better” future is arrived at.  It is the application of leadership knowledge (and skill) that enacts the magic.

We encourage all Leaders to continue the journey of learning, knowledge development and strategic application.   We encourage you to reflect on your level of knowledge and how effective you are in converting it into real action (and desired results) within your organisation.  We are always here to help, guide and support you.   We’re only a phone call away.

So, where do you sit on the Hierarchy of Applied Leadership Knowledge?

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