Leadership in Tough Times

April 16, 2020

                                                                LEADERSHIP IN TOUGH TIMES


At Leadership at Work we understand the challenges facing Leaders, even when times are “normal!”

Now we have some definite added degrees of difficulty which will require some agile and innovative thinking, which many Leaders are currently demonstrating.

However, the timeless Principles of Leadership don’t change, in fact they could never be in more demand!

Those Principles include:

A shared understanding of the current Environment

A shared Vision of where we want to get to

A shared set of Values and Behaviours that will get us there, and

A shared feeling of Power, letting people know their part.

The ability to Communicate and apply these Principles is crucial and will positively impact on your organisation and its people.

We want to let our valued clients know we offer our support at this time. Be it one on one coaching/counselling/mentoring/advice and generally a shoulder to rely on. We can do this also with Leadership Teams via Zoom or other remote technologies. We are not charging for any initial consultations, we simply want to put in practice our own Mission and Values, i.e. Helping Managers and Leaders be more effective in their role by enhancing their Leadership and Management skills.

We have a number of programs to assist:

-Leading and Managing Teams, run by Belinda Fyffe in Ballarat and Brad Clarke in Geelong.

– HR Compliance assistance

– Leadership in Life, a personal effectiveness program run by Robert Re

– Sound, experienced advice from seasoned practitioners.

In addition, we are happy to make two new announcements:

  1. Our Problem-Solving Module is going online over the next few months which will enable Clients to access all the necessary tools and techniques to solve real live workplace problems and opportunities for improvement
  2. A new book co-authored by Robert Re and Allan Meers, titled The Business of Life, is also due to be released shortly. The book outlines in detail the proven practices of Personal and Organisational effectiveness.

If you would like to express your interest or seek more information on the above, please call Robert on 0418518667 for a chat.

Stay well and best wishes in your Leadership journey.



Robert J Re