Exciting News!

May 29, 2020


The Leadership at Work Team is pleased to make two announcements which we believe will be of great interest to our valued Clients.

The first announcement is that the Problem Busting 10 step process which has been used countless times, with large financial returns to clients, is now in the final stages of going online! Utilising all the tried and true problem-solving tools and techniques which have been applied in all organisations large and small to bring about improvements in quality, productivity and morale, clients will be able to apply these to real problems inhouse.

You are encouraged to talk to Belinda, Brad or Robert to see how you can use this process to bring about real returns to your organisation.

The second announcement is to advise of the upcoming release of our new book, “The Business of Life.”

Outlining the proven pathways to personal and organisational effectiveness this book is a practical how to guide for anyone looking to improve their life at work or at home (or both!).

As a special offering you can purchase The Business of Life, Leadership at Work and Belinda’s book “Cutting Through the Staff Maze” all for an amazing total of just $75!


Call Robert on 0418 518 667 to order today!

We are pleased to announce The Business of Life program which will be conducted on 23, 24 July 2020.  Based on our popular Leadership in Life workshops conducted over the last 5 years, this program is the new workshop applying the 6 Practices outlined in the new book “The Business of Life”. Call Robert on 0418 518 667 for more information.

We are delighted to be back in business helping our Clients to be more effective Leaders and Managers at work and beyond.




Robert J Re